Enjoy our Food Tours in Mexico City & Guadalajara

What to expect from our Food Tours in Mexico City & Guadalajara? A food tour is a experience you’ll never forget because it combines the best of two worlds: tasting delicious food while having a cultural walk. Our Mexican Food Tours are seriously fun and take place in very interesting areas of different cities. Ideal for all age groups, you’ll taste food from a variety of one-of-a-kind Mexican eateries while receiving the locals’ view into the culture and architecture that defines Mexico. Enjoy new culinary perspectives, new flavors, bright smiles, and the opportunity to understand better where and how the locals eat & live. Our goal is that you eat like the locals and get a clear idea of the authentic Mexican Cuisine.

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Why Mexican Food Tours?

Some reasons to join Our Mexican Food Tours:

  • Keep an everlasting memory of Mexico’s most delicious neighborhoods with our entertaining, passionate tour guides
  • Eat like the locals
  • Commit and engage with local, great Mexican food artisans and restaurant owners
  • Pamper yourself with fabulous culinary insights and tasty food samplings from a wide range of Mexican eateries, perfect for lunch
  • Explore Mexico’s mouth-
watering places
  • Try authentic Mexican Food, which is known worldwide and recognized as one of the best cuisines of the world


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